Writing Workshop - Spring 2019ALC

ALC Writing Workshop Schedule for Spring 2019

All workshops have been created to assist students with their specific writing challenges. Be prepared to stay for the duration of the workshop, which is 30 - 40 minutes. Come in, take a seat, and let us help you be successful!!!

1/30/19 Wednesday 11:00am Paragraph Structure LT 3121
2/6/19 Wednesday 11:00am Basic Essay Structure ZS 2140
2/12/19 Tuesday 2:00pm Challenges in ESL LT 3137
2/19/19 Tuesday 2:00pm Research Essay ZS 2140
2/27/19 Wednesday 1:00pm Sentence Structure LT 3121
3/27/19 Wednesday 1:00pm Paragraph Structure LT 3121
4/4/19 Thursday 2:00pm Basic Essay Structure LT 3137
4/11/19 Thursday 2:00pm Challenges in ESL ZS 2140
4/17/19 Wednesday 11:00am Research Essay LT 3121
4/24/19 Wednesday 2:00pm Revision (Bring your draft) ZS 2140