College Philosophy


We’ve established a mission, vision and values to guide us on our journey as we strive to be the national leader in workforce development. Learn more about the many factors, philosophies and core competencies that comprise the CPCC experience.

Vision, Mission and Values

View our mission statement and the host of value statements we use to guide us as we work to become the community college that Mecklenburg County needs and deserves.

A Learning College

We are a Learning College, which means we seek to create environments that generate positive, nurturing and learning-focused experiences for our students in the classroom. Learn how you can become a part of the process and improve your CPCC experience by taking a learning-centric approach.

Achieving the Dream

Our Achieving the Dream initiative signifies our commitment to student success and institutional improvement. Designed to identify new strategies to improve student success, learn how Achieving the Dream will help us close achievement gaps and increase our retention and completion rates.

Core Competencies (Core 4)

Learn about our four core competencies - critical thinking, communication, personal growth and responsibility, and information technology and quantitative literacy – which we use to support student development. Each competency is infused into every program’s curriculum to help students learn the techniques they’ll need to earn a spot in the workforce and successfully engage with the outside world.