Online Classes

The American Academy of Applied Forensics offers online courses through CPCC's online learning system, Blackboard.

Some classes are considered basic and introduce you to the topic.

You may then decide to take a more detailed or advanced class here at the Academy that will include practical exercises, mock crime scenes and/or the use of our computers and software.

How It Works

  • All of our current online courses run for either 20 or 30 days so you have time to complete the course at your own pace.
  • A Discussion Board in the course allows you to introduce yourself to the other students taking the class and to share information with them.
  • You do not have homework assignments or projects with any of these classes.
  • Courses are set up as a PowerPoint, with audio for each slide.
  • All courses have a link called Resources attached to the modules in the course. These resources include PDF documents, internet articles or video clips for you to copy and save for your files.
  • You can navigate through the slides at your own pace, and as many times as you’d like during the course.


  • If you do not complete a test in one session you may have to reboot your computer and try again.
  • You can take the final test more than once if needed.


  • After successful completion of the required final test you will receive a certificate of completion for your records.
  • Certificates for online classes will be emailed to your agency email address. Always check your CPCC email too, in case that's the address it goes to. If you haven't set up your CPCC email yet, follow directions to do so under the Registration tab.
  • Professional Certifications in Digital and General Forensics will be awarded to students who complete the necessary core and elective classes. It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of their progress and present their transcript to the AAAF showing their satisfactory completion of the required courses.

To Register for classes: Call 704-330-4223