Steve Rose
Steve has been a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer since 2004 with the Wilkesboro Police Department. He has been an investigator for 5 of those years. He currently holds the position of IT Administrator, Senior Investigator and Cyber Crime/Computer Forensics expert.

Steve holds certifications in Advanced Computer Forensics, Electronic Crime Scene Investigation, Cell Phone Forensics and many others. He started working with computers in 1987 when he worked for Ford Motor Company. In addition, Steve assists other Law Enforcement Agencies with computer related cases and IT consulting. He has been responsible for server and network design for many years. He is also a certified North Carolina Law Enforcement Instructor.
Steve teaches: Introduction to Computer Forensics
Intermediate Computer Forensics

Advanced Computer Forensics

Micah Sturgis
Micha worked as a Crime Scene Investigator with the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office from 2004-2016. He currently works for Reliance Forensics. He is a Digital Forensic Specialist, Lantern Certified Examiner, a Cellebrite Certified Logical Operator, XRY Certified Examiner and a member of North Carolina Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (NDICAC).
Micah teaches: Level 1: Mobile Device Forensics

Level 2: Mobile Device Forensics