About Us

The American Academy of Applied Forensics is located at the Merancas Campus of Central Piedmont Community College in Huntersville, NC.

CPCC established the American Academy of Applied Forensics in 2001 to meet the region’s rapidly growing need for well-trained professionals in the field of crime scene investigation. Recognized as a national leader in workforce development, the college received a series of Congressional appropriations to develop a state-of-the-art applied forensics program, then appointed the National Institute of Justice to administer funding for the Academy and oversee its planning and development.

The goal of the Academy is to offer the most advanced and comprehensive applied forensics training available to law enforcement and medicolegal (coroners, doctors, nurses, etc.) investigative professionals. AAAF provides a full range of in-service training in both general applied forensics and digital evidence. Courses in each area are taught by the nation’s leading forensic experts in state-of-the-art training laboratories and classrooms.