Feature: John White, Pulitzer Winner

last modified Apr 24, 2013 01:52 PM

As you may have heard, last week the Pulitzer Prizewinners in journalism and the arts were announced. Did you know that a graduate of CPCC won this prize in 1982?

John White graduated from the commercial arts program in 1966 and was encouraged by his instructors to pursue his talent in photography. Mr. White went to work at the Chicago Sun-Times in 1978 and received the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography in 1982 for his exceptionally strong body of work.

On June 11, 1982 Mr. White returned to CPCC to be honored by the City of Charlotte and the college. Mayor Eddie Knox proclaimed June 11 John White Day and CPCC presented Mr. White with the Richard H. Hagemeyer Educational Advancement Award. According to CPCC's student newspaper, The Spark, Mr. White was the first community college graduate to ever win the prestigious award.

Enjoy these photos from John White's 1982 visit to CPCC! (Click thumbnails to enlarge.)



John White

John White signs autographs for students and staff at CPCC.

John White and Dr. Hagemeyer

John White and Dr. Hagemeyer walk through Central Campus.

John White

John White speaks to a large crowd in front of the LRC on Central Campus.

John White

John White speaks with students and the public. Here he is holding an issue of the Chicago Sun-Times that features one of his award-winning photographs.