Feature: CPCC Graduation

last modified May 20, 2013 04:30 PM

CPCC celebrated its 50th graduating class on May 16th. Here are some photos and interesting facts about graduation at CPCC!

Did you know...?

  • In the past 50 years CPCC has awarded nearly 39,000 associate degrees.
  • More than 911,000 people have registered for a class at CPCC for college credit, for job and career enhancement, or for personal enrichment.
  • The 2013 graduating class is CPCC's largest ever, with 1,900 eligible graduates: the highest number the school has ever had. Approximately 700 of those students marched at the graduation ceremony on May 16.
  • The first class of CPCC students graduated in 1964. These students started programs at the Central Industrial Education Center or Mecklenburg College and finished at the newly-formed CPCC. There were 128 graduates that year.



1987 graduation ceremony

Students at the 1987 graduation ceremony

1986 graduation ceremony

Dr. David Hunter and Carl Squires at the 1986 graduation ceremony

Dr. Hagemeyer early graduation

Dr. Hagemeyer hands out diplomas to graduating students (undated)

Dr. Zeiss 2012 graduation

Dr. Zeiss hands out diplomas at the 2012 graduation ceremony