Feature: Building Names

last modified Aug 12, 2013 09:19 AM

Have you ever wondered how our buildings on CPCC get their names? Buildings are often named to recognize individuals, families or organizations that have given a substantial gift to the school or have demonstrated long-time support of CPCC and its programs.

The Philip L. Van Every Culinary Center: This building opened in 2010 and was named to recognize the Philip L. Van Every Foundation. Mr. Van Every was a local business owner, politician, and long-time CPCC benefactor. He was a member of the Charlotte City Council and served two terms as mayor or Charlotte. Read more about his contributions here and here. Read more about the naming of the culinary center here.

Van Every Culinary Dedication

Portrait of Philip L. Van Every on display at the dedication of the Van Every Culinary Center (2010)

Kratt Hall: Kratt Hall was completed in 1972 and is nearly identical to the (now demolished) VE Building. It was named after Emil Kratt, who served on the Board of Trustees from 1963 until 1977.

Emil Kratt at naming ceremony for Kratt Hall

Emil Kratt at the naming ceremony for Kratt Hall. (1972)

Giles Science Building: This building was named after Lucille P. Giles, a former chemistry instructor at CPCC. The name for the building was chosen 1997 to recognize Ms. Giles and her estate's significant contributions to the college. Ms. Giles was an anonymous donor to the school for the last ten years of her life.

Giles Dedication

Lucille Giles' sister at the dedication ceremony for the Giles Science Building (1998)

Claytor Building: The Claytor Building on Merancas Campus opened in 1990 as the North Center. It was renamed in 1994 to recognize Bill Claytor, a long-time member of the CPCC Board of Trustees. Mr. Claytor served as a board member from 1977-1984 and was Chairman of the Board from 1984-1993.

Dr. Hagemeyer and Bill Claytor

Dr. Richard Hagemeyer and Bill Claytor at the dedication of the Claytor Building on July 21, 1994 (1994)

Curious about the name of a campus, building or other named program? Email katie.howell@cpcc.edu for more!