Feature: 1988 Time Capsule Images, Part 2

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In 1988 CPCC buried a time capsule to celebrate the school's 25th anniversary. Buried inside were nearly 80 photographs of students, staff and college facilities. The color slides included images from the 1960s, '70s and '80s.

These photos are the second part of a multi-part series. Where known, approximate dates have been included. Titles have been taken directly from notes included in the time capsule. Additional descriptive information is included in italics.

Part 1

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Learning Resources Center (LRC)

Learning Resources Center (LRC) on Central Campus (1970s)


Dr. Hagemeyer, Learning Resources Center (LRC)

Dr. Richard Hagemeyer poses in front of the Hagemeyer Learning Resources Center (LRC) on Central Campus (1970s)


Kratt Hall

Kratt Hall on Central Campus (undated)


Belk Building under construction

Belk Building on Central Campus under construction (circa 1973/74)


Harry Golden's House

Harry Golden's House (circa 1973)

Harry Golden was a resident of the Elizabeth neighborhood for many years. He was well-known for publishing The Carolina Israelite and for his Pulitzer Prize winning book Only in America. In the summer of 1973 Mr. Golden sold the house pictured above to CPCC. Shortly thereafter the house was demolished to make way for a student parking deck. Today a plaque in front of Student Deck 1 marks the spot where the house once stood.


Elizabeth Avenue in snow, looking west

Elizabeth Avenue, looking west (1970s)


Citizens Center in snow

Citizens Center (circa 1970s)


ABLE Billboard

Billboard (circa 1984)

Billboard advertising the Adult Basic Literacy Education (ABLE) Center in the Freedom Mall shopping center.


Information Desk in Central High

Information desk in Central High (circa 1970s)


Learning Resources Center (LRC), 2nd floor

LRC (1970s)

This photo was taken in the second floor atrium of the LRC.


Central Forum

Forum (cafeteria) (circa 1970s)

The Central Forum was located on Elizabeth Avenue on Central Campus. It operated from 1971 until 1992.



Nursing lab and students

Students practice skills in a nursing lab (undated)


Students on Central Campus

Central Campus scene (circa 1970s)


The time capsule and the items it stored are currently on display in the second floor atrium of the LRC on Central Campus.

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