Feature: 1988 Time Capsule Images, Part 1

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In 1988 CPCC buried a time capsule to celebrate the school's 25th anniversary. Buried inside were nearly 80 photographs of students, staff and college facilities. The color slides included images from the 1960s, '70s and '80s.

These photos are the first part of a multi-part series. Where known, approximate dates have been included. Titles have been taken directly from notes included in the time capsule. Additional descriptive information is included in italics.

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CPCC logo and diplomas

CPCC Logo and Diplomas (undated)


Aerial view of Central Campus

Aerial view of campus (pre-1975)

Kings Drive was rerouted in 1975. In this image you can see the road as it runs from the top middle of the image between the LRC and Central High to Elizabeth Avenue.


Central Industrial Education Center

Original facade - Central Industrial Education Center (1960s)

The Central Industrial Education Center was housed in the Central High Building on Central Campus. It was merged with Mecklenburg College in 1963 to form CPCC.


Old Central facade

New Facade - Old Central (Garinger Building) (circa 1986)

The Central High Building on Central Campus was named Old Central from 1963-1977 and the Garinger Building from 1977-2002.


Central High Building

Old Central (Garinger) Building - Old Kings Drive (pre-1975)


Entrance to Woodruff Building

Entrance to Woodruff Building (undated)

This now demolished building was located on Central Campus and for a short period of time housed classrooms, offices and the school bookstore.


Back of Woodruff Building

Back of Woodruff Building (undated)

This photo was taken from the LRC, facing the intersection of Pease (Kings) Drive and Elizabeth Avenue. The parking lot is the staff lot behind the Terrell Building. In the distance one can see Jimmie's Restaurant, a long-time favorite of the CPCC community. The restaurant was closed in 2003 in order to make room for the Overcash Performing Arts Center.


Terrell Building with three stories

Terrell Building - three stories (pre-1971)

The Terrell Building was completed in 1968 with three stories. The final two stories were added in 1971-72.


Addition to Terrell Building

Addition to Terrell Building (1971)


Terrell Building with five stories

Terrell Building - five stories (post-1972)


Clearing ground for Mecklenburg Hall

Clearing ground for Classroom Building (circa 1967)

This building was the first new building to be constructed for CPCC. The Classroom Building was also named Mecklenburg Hall, the Van Every Building and the VE Building. It was demolished in 2011 and was replaced by the new classroom building on Central Campus.


Foundation of Mecklenburg Hall

Foundation of Classroom Building (circa 1967)


Construction of Learning Resources Center (LRC)

Construction of Hagemeyer Learning Resources Center (LRC) (1969/70)



The time capsule and the items it stored are currently on display in the second floor atrium of the LRC on Central Campus.

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